Best Universities of the UK for Marketing Degree

best universities of the UK for marketing degree

Marketing is one of the most commonly chosen academic disciplines known for opening doors to the world of opportunities. These opportunities come with a wide variety of specialisations available to qualified graduates. When studying marketing at a UK university, students learn advertising and promotion, merchandising, statistical analysis, finances, and more. Some courses in marketing are difficult for students, so the most prestigious universities focus more and provide learners with the best marketing assignment help in the UK.

Almost all UK universities offer marketing programmes, but some institutions stand out worldwide for their focus on research work. Factors that make a university well-performing include the successful completion of an undergraduate degree-level course, industry connections, and student satisfaction scores. However, you can find out more about the top five UK universities that offer the best marketing programmes. Keep reading!

Top Five Prestigious UK Universities for Marketing

A marketing programme at a UK university will create a wide range of fantastic opportunities for you in various business entities. In the following, review the best UK universities that contribute to learners’ academic success.

1.     University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious educational institutes, located in the famous English city of the same name. Although nobody knows the exact date of its establishment, it is the oldest university in the world. Around 40 halls make up this university. Over 50% of the students are locals, and the rest are foreigners. Humanities stand out among the specialties it offers. Besides, along with Cambridge, the university belongs to the Russell Group of British research universities.

In addition to being the world’s most prestigious university among others, this university regularly finishes at the top of the world university rankings. The top-rated marketing study options for students are its economics and management undergraduate programmes that they can take in years 2 and 3. So, most learners consider the BA (hons) in economics and management as their undergraduate courses.

2.     University of St Andrews

The origin of the University of St Andrews dates back to the 15th century, 1413. The university is the oldest one in Scotland, located in the medieval city of the same name. It is also among the three oldest educational institutes in the UK. It has four faculties: Arts, Theology, Science, and Medicine. And around 7,000 students are currently studying at the university.

This university is one of the oldest universities in the world and is still known for its marketing programmes. The Masters in Marketing (MLitt) degree programme offered by this university is one of the most recognised for preparing students. It develops their integrated and critical understanding of marketing and organisations, equipping learners to meet various strategic challenges of the globalised real world.

3.     University of Bath

Located in Claverton Down, southeast of Bath, the University of Bath is the world’s most highly recognised public research university. It received its royal charter in 1966. In addition, its origins date back to the Bristol School of Commerce, founded in 1856. The university consists of two campuses located in Claverton Down and Oakfield. And both of them include outstanding academic and sports facilities, and the marketing programme is one of the most demanded specialties at this university.

For undergraduates, the marketing programme at the university takes four years. These years also include a placement year. It offers an excellent opportunity for students to develop a solid foundation in the key areas of business practice, and marketing is one of them. Every year, a high proportion of students complete their graduate programmes and become marketing professionals in known business entities within six months of graduation.

4.     Loughborough University

Loughborough University was established in 1966 and is one of the best-known public research universities located in the market town of Loughborough, Leicestershire, England. However, this university dates back to 1909 when Loughborough Technical Institute was founded with the aim of developing students’ skills directly applicable in the practical world. Around a decade ago (2013), the university announced the second campus, the former broadcast centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The marketing and management programme offered by the university is a highly recognised degree programme for locals and international students. This programme lasts four years (one-year placement) for undergraduate students. The specialist faculty members of this programme prepared students for applying the most up-to-date industry-specific research knowledge and best business practice in a competitive marketing field. In 2018, it has also become one of the most prestigious five universities in the country after winning the WhatUni Student Choice Award.

5.     University of Warwick

The University of Warwick was founded in 1965, and it is located on the outskirts of Coventry, 153 km northwest of London. Currently, this famous business school has at least 15,000 students. As the Financial Times reports, among other programmes, the doctoral program offered has been highly recognised as the best across Europe.

In addition to its undergraduate marketing programme, MSc programme in marketing and strategy at the University of Warwick is ranked 8th in the world and 5th in the UK. Compulsory modules of marketing programmes at the university include critical issues in marketing, strategic management, and marketing analysis and strategy. In addition to covering the foundational areas of marketing, these modules allow learners to gain the latest marketing-specific insight and apply them in a real-world scenario.

Benefits of Studying Marketing in the UK’s best Universities

One of the benefits of studying marketing at the UK’s best university is that it offers a wide field of employment. Your role as a marketing professional may fall within several competencies, like research, data-driven consumer behavior analysis, creative idea development, and more. This provides excellent career variety and can allow you to experiment with different jobs and find out what area you feel most comfortable in. The UK universities’ marketing programmes will enable you to meet your personal preferences.

In addition, studying marketing at the best university in the UK will enable you to learn about various fields and disciplines. Therefore, it is standard for the marketing curriculum to include business sciences, social sciences, analytics, mathematics, and more courses. As a marketing professional, you will have multidisciplinary knowledge and develop a series of skills in different fields.

Moreover, marketing in many companies is key to success since this discipline is the method that lets companies transmit the attributes of products and services to potential consumers. In addition, communicators specialised in marketing have the opportunity to position themselves ‘as necessary’ in small, medium, and large enterprises. Similarly, the profile of the marketing professional with tremendous demand in the world must have digital marketing skills. And the best UK universities focus on this aspect very well.

Final Words

We hope this blog helped marketing lovers know the top five best universities in the UK. If you are one of them and interested in enrolling yourself in the marketing programme at a UK university, you can consider the universities mentioned in this blog. For more information, you can consult Assignment UK, the best online assignment help and guidance service, and get further knowledge about marketing programmes offered by these universities.

8 Amazing Tips to Complete Your Assignment Faster


For some students, doing assignments is synonymous with wasting a few days and even having severe headaches afterward due to accumulated stress. In schools, colleges, and universities, academic assignments are a means by which teachers assess how well students understand their subject. Therefore, they have a significant weight in the course’s final grade.

Getting help from siblings, friends, or online assignment writing service agencies is a smart approach many would take. However, developing your skills to complete your assignments faster is necessary.

This blog will give you 8 excellent tips for completing your academic projects in less time and with much more motivation. If you want to learn how to complete assignments faster and become a successful student, keep reading!

How can you complete your assignments faster?

1.     Say goodbye to procrastination and start as soon as possible

It has happened to all of us that, by leaving things last, many jobs, homework, and even household chores have accumulated.

Procrastination is a bad habit affecting students’ performance in all areas. Procrastination also brings students academic consequences, such as bad grades and unfinished homework.

Moreover, procrastinating may also have adverse psychological effects, such as guilt, anxiety, and frustration.

To avoid these negative consequences and get the assignment done quickly, students must start doing it as soon as possible. Remember that the sooner you begin the assignment, the faster you’ll finish.

2.     Make a plan for your assignments

To begin with, you must understand the order well and divide the task into sections if it is very long. If your assignment is difficult, you can write a plan in a notebook of how you will do it.

Secondly, starting your assignment immediately is important because it will probably take longer than normal if it is lengthy and complicated.

Finally, if you need to complete your pending tasks quickly and well, you must manage the time to do all your assignments.

3.     Choose a comfortable place

Having a comfortable place to complete your assignments faster is necessary. It is one of the common problems students face, leading them to say to others, ‘write my assignment for me.’

For a comfortable place, look for a desk with enough space and place it in a quiet room with good lighting. This way, you can avoid being distracted by external factors. In addition, remember to get a comfortable chair with a backrest and preferably armrests.

Before starting your assignment, you should try to have all the books, notebooks, and materials on hand.

If your assignment is delivered through electronic platforms, the computer should be positioned well, so it does not hurt your neck. And you must avoid, at all costs, taking your laptop to bed, chair, or another place. The reason is that this will only make you entertain yourself with other things or even make you fall asleep.

4.     Turn off all electronic devices

Electronic devices used for entertainment, such as televisions, cell phones, video game consoles, and others, may be the main reason students couldn’t complete assignments faster.

Moreover, you may have been wondering for a long time why your strategies for completing your assignments faster do not work. If so, the answer is that you engage in these devices and waste your valuable time. Before doing your academic tasks, you sit down to watch your favourite series, play video games, and forget your education.

Electronic devices are very useful but can become students’ worst enemies when doing assignments. For this reason, disconnect your devices to complete your projects faster and on time without any worries.

5.     Time management

First, consider how many assignments you have to complete and calculate the average time it will take you to finish. Then set a timer or alarm and get to work!

Try to finish all your assignments during the proposed time, reward yourself if you succeed, and set less time next time if you finish before.

Thus, you will do your assignments focused gradually and with much more motivation to improve yourself every time.

This exercise is most effective because it encourages students to follow a time limit while they work to meet the assignment objective and deadline.

You can efficiently complete too many tasks through proper time management. At schools, colleges, and universities, there are times when assignments are beyond students because they have many tasks to do every day. If it happens to you, remember that resting for a while is not bad.

Furthermore, you need to take a breather to prevent the stress of completing tasks on time. To do so, you can use the technique of 30 or 60 minutes of work and 10 minutes of rest in which you can do any different activity. For example, you can go for a walk, meditate, or put on your favourite song. This way you will recharge your energy to continue working well and quickly.

6.     Do the most complicated homework first

Most of the time, starting your assignment on the topic you like is tempting. However, this is quite counterproductive because when you just start working, you have much more concentration and energy. Therefore, you must take the opportunity to do the tasks that are more difficult for you or that you do not fully understand. Later, you can deal with the simplest things or those that interest you since these will not represent mental fatigue, unlike the others.

This strategy is even helpful because if you get stuck on a question or in an assignment, you will have enough time to complete it well.

7.     Ask for help when needed

Students have subjects that, no matter how much they pay attention to lectures, study for tests, and do homework, maybe more complicated for them. In this situation, asking others for help would be necessary. Remember that you should ask for help from an expert on the subject, whether your teacher, sister or brother, a friend or an online assignment writing service. However, it doesn’t mean you do not need to acquire academic skills to do your assignments faster.

Expert help and guidance will serve you by reinforcing the content learned, your memory, and your problem-solving skills.

In addition, it can also help you properly organise and structure your assignments and deepen the knowledge you need to do them. You can find online tutors who will help you feel comfortable completing your assignments faster!

Final Words

Now that you know some valuable tips, you can handle lengthy and complicated assignments and even complete them faster. If you want more tips, expert help, and tutors’ guidance on completing your assignments faster, Assignment UK can help you.

Assignment UK is an online academic help and guidance institute offering different services, like an MBA assignment help service. We aim to improve your academic performance in a short time and with great results. In addition, you will be able to train your mind in different areas, such as speed reading, memory, public speaking, time management, and study methods.

Join our platform today and let our scholars serve you!


Your skills of writing cannot be developed and improved over night and by magic. In fact, there is no supernatural power through which you will become a better writer. If there is no short cut and easy approach for you, how can you develop and enhance your writing skills? In this article I will present a list of 6 tips for you to improve your writing skills and to help you become a best writer.

  1. Read Well-Known Writers

In fact, this is the best approach to start and to become a best assignment writer. If you ignore or don’t read writing of well-known writers, you would definitely not know the way of doing it. Keep in your mind that every person begins by learning from the masters, and for this you need to emulate great writers, and then through them, you will definitely find your own voice. So, you need to read, read and read. You also need to focus on the style, pattern and mechanics in addition to content.

  1. Write a Lot

It would be best if you write every day. At least, you need to write multiple times a day. Remember, more writing will help you get better. Indeed, writing is an art and skill, so you will have to practice it to improve your writing skill. You can write a blog, stuff for your own self, and even for other publications. So, you need to simply write a lot. You will experience that it is getting quite easier eventually if you practice a lot every day.


  1. Create a Writing Ritual

It is also necessary to find a certain time of your day when you feel you can write easily and devoid of interruptions. Try to make it your daily routine. Mornings work best for some, but others feel easy writing during lunch or at evening or even midnight. Whether you chose morning or evening, you simply need to make it your habit. You will have to write for minimum half an hour, but if you write for an hour it would be better. If you want to become a best full-time author, you will have to write for several hours a day, as professional authors do. Indeed, this approach will assist you get better.

  1. Eliminate Interruptions/Distractions

Keep in your mind that writing does not work well if you are writing with distractions. You can write anything best in a quiet environment. However, if you like some slow music you can play it while writing. To create a quiet environment, you need to turn off email or IM notifications, your cell phone, television, and clear off your writing table.

  1. Revise

If you are not sure about the text, revise it immediately. Revising is imperative and it has been seen that mostly writers hate this approach, as it seems like so much effort when they have already completed their document. But to become a better writer, you must learn how to revise. Careful revision always leads to good and influential writing.

  1. Welcome Feedback

Getting positive and negative feedback on your work or blogs is crucial to advancing your opportunity to become a good writer; thus, it is an imperative to always welcome feedback. You can ask your peers, advisers or mentors to carefully review your work and accept their critical feedback with an open mind. Through this approach, you will definitely learn important things about how your own writing style is and how you can improve it.


In their overall academic life, students are frequently taught a range of new and innovative things, whether they are studying in high-school, college or university. When they learn new and creative things, it is very crucial for students to practice it on daily basis or else they disregard what they have gained and learnt. Writing essay projects is indeed one of the very important jobs you learn to do in your school. Essay writing is one of the best academic tasks and it is highly beneficial to develop your knowledge. This writing form you can face in every stage of professional life following g completing your studies.

Since essay writing tasks assigned by professors are very difficult to successfully complete, there are some expert tips you will have to remember to make it easier for you and to produce a perfect and engaging essay. Following the below mentioned expert essay writing tips and make a strong impression on your teacher:


Writing Perfect and Brief Thesis Statement

A perfect and brief thesis statement is the foundation of every essay on any topic. The reason is that a thesis statement has to key roles: At first, it reflects whether you have appropriately understood your topic area or not, and in the second place it develops the basis of arguments you would be integrated in your essay later. If you have a desire of becoming a great author, you first need practice writing perfect and brief thesis statements because if you get knowledge how to write it, you can successfully produce a well-written and impressive essay.

Carefully Read Sample Essays on the Web

One of the best approaches to get knowledge and learn anything is thorough reading and understanding the work done by expert author in past. By searching online, you can definitely find unlimited essays on a variety of topics and subjects. Through this approach, you will come across with some crucial idea of how to write a perfect essay. It is possible that you get a variety of essay forms online, but you simply need to read each essay type one by one and don’t need to be confused. Keep in your mind it is your ultimate responsibility to find a finest essay website as not all web sources are authentic to get knowledge.

Avoid Repetition

It has been seen that a majority of the students frequently repeat same arguments and concept many times in their essays. This approach is definitely wrong. Remember that if you repeat arguments and concepts in an essay it will result in quality decline and ultimately you will have to face low marks. So, you need to avoid repetition.


Pay Strong Attention to Paragraphs and Vocabularies

The creation of excellent paragraphs and use of easy vocabularies is the first thing you must pay attention to. In paragraphs of your essay, you need to properly adjust them absolutely as per the required word count. An average essay is based on five paragraphs, which include one paragraph for intro part, one for concluding remarks and three for discussion section. As the word count of an essay increases, paragraphs in the discussion part also increases alongside but the intro and conclusion parts remains concise. Moreover, you need to use always easy and understandable vocabularies and never try to make your essay fancy by using jargon.